NET/Mobility Solutions comprises Data Synchronisation, .NET Web and PDA. These three integrated components provide you easy access of information at your fingertips!

1. Data Synchronisation
Data Synchronisation is an add-on application that enhances the functionality of the range of software solutions. It is designed to extend the functionality of normal business applications by leveraging on Internet-based technology to deliver additional productivity to its users.
Data Synchronisation allows the transfer of data from one-location to another to ensure that information is up-to-date across different locations. This allows accounting data or transactions entered in a branch to be seen in the company headquarters and vice versa. In short, the same set of information is seen in applications at different locations.

Data transfer is capable using a broadband or dial-up Internet connection. It is done so automatically without user intervention; meaning that the user will not have to manually initiate data transfer. User’s merely use the applications as normal while data synchronisation occurs in the background.


Increased productivity & convenience
Currently, to ensure information is made available to users in different locations, users have to manually export data from our system, transfer it to another location (normally by email) and import it into the system. This is time consuming and disrupts the work of other users in the network as they will have to stop making changes while an export or import is in place. Using Data Synchronisation, the data transfer takes place in the background without disrupting the users of the system. It is also done in time intervals that can be defined by the user; thus automating the process and ensuring that data transfer takes place.

Increased accuracy of data
By regularly synchronising data across different locations, upto-date information is made available; hence helping users make better decisions. The latest transactions along with the latest stock figures can be viewed by the main headquarters and its various branches.

2. Online Web Based Software
Online is an add-on to Accounting + Inventory. It gives the power of mobility and accessibility to the existing applications, by using simple Internet connection.

Why using Online?
To obtain a REAL-TIME information and perform an accurate business transaction any day, anytime, anywhere in the lowest possible cost!

How Online works?
Using the latest Internet technology, Online is intelligently designed for customer who needs real-time accurate data without paying high priced infrastructures and equipment.

Scenario 1
An (Accounting + Inventory) customer having a HQ in KL, can now permits his salesman in JB, using a Notebook (or even a Pocket PC) to check his client’s financial standing, Stock Status, issuing Sales Order in REAL-TIME. All he needs is just a normal Internet Connection and MS Internet Explorer. No other 3rd party software is to be installed into his notebook!

Scenario 2
A small sales office in Sabah wants to place a small order for his client. The sale is small and yet need a lot of product information; it takes minutes to communicate with the HQ in KL. This process has basically taken up at least 2 manning, the sales personnel on both side. What happens is that, the long distance call charge incurred and the time spent may not justify the sales!

Scenario 3
My Boss has gone to US for business, during his 3pm meeting, he urgently needs some data. Imagine how nice if he can just log in to our Severs via Online, instead of waking me up!

Scenario 4
With our existing application PC, plus high-speed broadband Internet access, (e.g. as low as TMNet Streamyx Basic package @ RM44 per month) we are now on-line! Even with this simple set-up, we are capable of handling multiple users from inside and outside of our office to access simultaneously.

3. PDA
- Enter and view information from a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
- Transfer updated information from PDA to main data source
- View and edit
- Customer information
- Transactions (Quotations, SOs, Invoices etc.)
- Take stock count using barcode scanner

- Allow sales person to work effectively while out of office
- Provide users with mobility while taking stock in warehouse
- Reduces data entry
- Reduces human errors and increases accurac