Fixed Assets

Easy, No Learning and Time Saving to Manage your Fixed Asset.

Fixed Assets are a valuable part of any company. But managing them effectively can easily tie up considerable asset. This is why the fix assets application area provides essential functions to help you mange fixed assets quickly and with minimum of effort.

Highlight Points:

Real – Time Fixed Asset Management, Analysis and Reporting

100 years keep track of Asset information including picture
Not month end and year end process to produce financial reports like Capital Gain & Loss

Flexible Definition and Grouping
User can categories the Assets into Department, Category, Group, Cost Center, & Location.

Depreciation Method
Straight line and immediate write off methods

Freeze Depreciation
The Asset Depreciation can be freeze from depreciation within a period of time.

Asset Location Transfer
Asset can be transfer to other location or branch. Reports will be provided according to the location. Asset can be easy find in which location.

Selling / Scrap off Fixed Asset
The Fixed Asset providing Capital Gain & Loss Report when the assets is selling or scrap off. The Reports need to submit in for auditing.

Data Protection
Fixed Asset is part of important and sensitive financial area. The data need to protected to explore to unauthorize person.

Update to Accounting System
Fixed Asset Transaction can be update to E-mas Accounting System to produce complete Financial Reports.

Default Reports
- Asdet Register By Group, Depatment, & Location
- Full Asset Detail
- Asset By Depatment or Location
- New addition
- Print Fixed asset Lable
- Print Depeciation By Normal, Category or Disposal Depeciation
- Capital Gain & Loss reports