Business Intelligence

Benefits of BI

BI allows you to analyse and extract knowledge from your operational business data, giving you the business advantage over your competitors!

Analyse and compare data from different data folders all at once. This allows analysis of more than 12 months Sales or even allows comparisons between different companies. This allows you to extract knowledge from your business data accumulated over the years.

Data is loaded only once. After data is loaded, you will gain instant access to virtually an unlimited number of Sales Reports.

Jump from one report to another report in seconds instead of re-running reports.

Analyse multiple reports at the same time instead of analyzing one report at a time to make more informed decisions.

Analyse Sales from multiple dimensions e.g. Sales Agent, Customers, Product, Industry, Product Category, Location & Area etc. Discover the relationships between these dimensions.

Analyse Sales across time such as by Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day etc to discover growth areas as well as areas in decline.

Explore your Sales data in a summarised view as well as gain as much detail as you need if required by drilling down to transaction level.

You may sort, filter, select groupings, summarise, calculate and drill down the reports in real time without reloading the data. This allows for a fast and effective Sales Analysis.

Gain a graphical view of your Sales Analysis instantly through instant Graphs and Charts.

Export nicely formatted, filtered and summarised data to Excel for further analysis.

Save analysis done and share your analysis with other users.