How To Choose Accounting Software

Different industry will require different Solutions.
Same industry may have similar but different Needs?

Choosing the right accounting software that suits your business can be a very difficult decision.

In fact, every accounting software’s have their Pros and Cons it can be measure by various reason, but finally there are 3 Main Point :

  • User Requirements :
    • Preliminary study :
    • users requirement study is very important, as this point will affect the future system operation and functionality. Most of the system problems occur is due to user and consultant neglect on this stage.
    • Users :
    • User experience on accounting software will made ease of user to operate the system, and bring less hassle less and decrease of system failure issues.
    • Management Reports :
    • The main purpose of a company to use computering accounting software is because of integrated of the report and save time.
      This require by the managements for Planning, Financial or Analysis etc. purposes.
  • Quality, Functionality or Stability :
    • User experience.
    • Advises from Accounting Software Specialist.
    • Advice from Account or Tax Consultant.
  • Budget :
    • There is always a budget factors. But economic accounting software not meaning there are low class.
    • In-fact, now a day, many low cost accounting software can provide very good function to cater daily operation transaction and comprehensive report for the users.